Who we are and what we do:

Computeropathy Specialists LLC, based in Central Florida, is a privately owned company consisting of a collection of computing, software and hardware professionals who are experts in their respective fields. Our engineering team provides a diverse number of services to individuals and companies.


On Site Computer & Network Experts


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Some Benefits of using Computeropathy Specialists:

  • Extensive Knowledge - You will be served by well-versed, reliable computer professionals that have been certified within the industry.
  • Reduced Stress - You will experience less down time and network shortcomings and more peace of mind because our team covers your network needs.
  • Run Your Business Efficiently - You can pay attention to running your business at a profit instead of consuming your energy and time fixing recurring system breakdowns.
  • Reliability - You will be surprised when a problem occurs and you will know whom to call to fix it quickly.
  • Optimization - You will run your business more successfully and efficiently by having a Needs Analysis performed on your current system with detailed remedies to fine-tune and optimize your network by our professionals.
  • Business Orientation - You will have access to our resourceful business computer professionals who are bottom-line oriented to team up with your management in developing a results-driven computer network.
  • Great Value - Tune up your computer network to produce what it originally was intended to do within reason and budget.