On Site Computer & Network Experts


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The Computeropathy Specialists team specializes in providing a diverse number of technology related services including those in the following areas:

Troubleshooting and Repair -- experienced field technicians to expedite problem resolution.

Hardware and Software Upgrades -- required updates to optimize your IT infrastructure.

Cyber Security Assessment & Solutions -- evaluation and implementation of computer/network security.

Managed Rollout Services -- experienced management keeping your project on target.

Web Design and Content Management -- cutting edge web designs with easy to use tools.

Wireless and Wired Networking -- enjoy a safe and secure network in your home or office.

FIOS and Cable Modem Setup -- quick, easy installation to get you connected to the internet.

Virus, Worm and Spyware Removal -- security and privacy software to keep your computer protected.

Data Backup and Recovery -- automatic system backup to safeguard your data.

Complete Home/Office Setup -- comprehensive setup of your home or office hardware and software.

Customized Training -- personalized training sessions on the topics of your choice.